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About Robostrike

The free game concept

Robostrike is a action and tactics free multiplayer game where robots fight in real-time controlled by 1 to 8 players. With Robostrike, you can create your own game boards and share them with the other player within the online community. In its internet game version (webgame), you may play in one of several possible modes:
  • multiplayer online game which lets you fight itself against other connected players in deathmatchs or races
  • single player flash game where you have to find out how to pass each level in as few moves as possible (indicated by a PAR for each level)
Registration to the game is free but you may also play without registering or get some hints on how to best play the multiplayer game and learn its fundamental moves.

  • Chris : game concept, design (with Dharo's help), sound and music, development of the flash client
  • Bill : server development, database, security, system and hosting
  • Tchitch : game concept, actionscript optimization, client-server protocol (has left the project)
Robostrike was created in 2001. That’s a long time for an internet totally free game and we owe it to the loyalty of the many players who helped us building this community. Robostrike now has an history which we can recount ... (read more)