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2010 Robostrike is back

September 2009, Dharokan, who has been a RS moderator for many years, proposes to help us improving the game and board graphical design. His first mockup shows interesting opportunities for improvement.

However, much work is needed besides the graphics because such design also requires updating and optimizing a large portion of the actionscript code of the game. But Dharokan has many talents, including that of managing to put the admins Chris and Bill back to work ;)

Chris and Dharokan work from October 2009 to February 2010 on the new graphical design for the boards and on the game animations. They come up with a new version offering players more than a thousand combinations of color and background textures.

We wish to thank Dharo for his involvement and his important contribution. Without his help and perseverance, we couldn’t have completed these evolutions. Here is an example for the transformation of the famous board “Blitz” created by Airwalk (example before/after)

To avoid slowing down the systems of our users, several performance tests are performed on the scripts and animations of the game using a variety of browsers.






Here is for instance the impact of a robot explosion on the CPU usage.
Other animations and graphics improvements are scheduled for the months to come.... :ninja:

Unfortunately, shortly after the online release of this new version in February 2010, we are hit by a new major crash on our hardware in March 2010. After 3 years, the hard drives are once again out of order. This was our game server :crybaby:

That’s one time too many, Bill and Chris are not willing to invest again in a new costly machine!

On the bright side, the hosting technology has evolved a lot in these last years. They decide to move Robostrike to a VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosted in a cloud computing environment. This technology is inherently more robust than a dedicated server since VPS can be relocated on different hardware in case of failure. The hardware itself is fully redundant and equipped with RAID 10 hard drives. We should be safe from any further hardware failure now. This however implies a huge work for Bill to bring all the development from a windows .Net environment to Linux and to setup the new server.

Since we are redoing all the setup, how about switching to a more powerful website and bring all social networking facilities to robostrike? We choose Drupal as our CMS (Content Management System).

It allows to setup rich, feature full websites that are also able to evolve and customized to integrate the flash aspect of Robostrike. Here again, thanks to Dharokan again for his help and feedback on the look for the new site.

After 3 months of hard work we are ready to restart in May 2010 on healthy basis with a new forum and a new game website that search engine will love :p


We have plenty of ideas on how to improve Robostrike free online games and develop its social network aspects. If you’d like to help, you’re very welcome to participate to our improvement workshops or to contact us. We can’t do it all at once though. That is why the next steps will concern the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as well as a new vote system for the shared boards. The 2004 record of 7.715 visits in a day remains to be broken. A major difference though is that, today, we are ready ;)