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The choice of a tactics game

Basic flash games (also referred to as casual games) are not very interesting as a client/server development. On the opposite, a multiplayer real-time tactics game could turn out to be a real technical challenge without much equivalent on the internet at the time.

Even today, free online multiplayer game done 100% in flash and that do not require download are still rare and far apart. We still had to figure out the concept. We were looking after a tactics game whose lifetime would be long while keeping a certain amount of real-time interactivity (that is, not chess-like). That’s when we thought about porting to the internet the excellent Roborally game by Richard Garfield, edited by Wizard of the Coast. Our first step was to ask the editor for an authorization to do the port and we launched ourselves into the ride. We had one year to build an operational version before the next Flashforward submission deadline of our online game project.

According to the competencies of each of us, we shared the tasks. Tchitch being experienced in java development took over the server development with Tomcat. Chris, with his experience in flash resolved to handle the game interface (that visible by users). Bill, given his other commitments, handled the initial setup of the internet website and its hosting.