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The free online game origins

The Robostrike project is born in Nantes, France, during the summer 2001 from a chat among three friends Bill, Tchitch and Chris, all three passionate with computer and new technologies. At the time, the flash / shockwave macromedia reader was a small technological revolution. In addition to what it brought to the web in terms of new graphics, sound and animation possibilities, all in a small size swf, it also introduced radically new programming opportunities for developers. In particular, version 4 of the Macromedia Flash reader and later supported a real programming environment in actionscript with communication facilities that allowed, at last, to build a full-fledged bidirectional communication between clients and server (the html of the time was limited to simple query/reply kind of relationship). This opened up plenty of possibilities. How about a new multiplayer flash game without equivalent on the internet as a challenge?

At the same time, another kind of game was taking shape: the world contest flashforward. Each year, this festival awarded the best flash developments in various categories and one of the categories was online games ... :)
Building Robostrike had always been a hobby for us. But why not try also our luck with this contest?