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The full flash game site referencing war

How to step from heaven to hell? Try gOOgle!

Robostrike’s success is entirely based on the interest of the game itself and its online community, not on its optimization for search engines. However, by acquiring 75% market share over all manual search engines, Google has, without intent, progressively relegated Robostrike and other full flash websites to the hidden alleys of the web. Google’s results are based on a complex algorithm that works very effectively on text-mainly websites but is blind to complex flash code. This effect was made even worse by a technical problem that lead to the complete removal of Robostrike from Google index from September to November 2005…What Google does in general, with all its free applications, is very nice. But concerning flash website, it’s a mass destruction ... we’ve literally been annihilated.

Following a disk failure in April 2007, we also find out that server hardware has a limited lifetime of about 4 years. Bill and Chris have to once again invest in a new machine…free games can actually become very costly ;)
To survive in the Google web era, text content is necessary. Fine then, following the machine replacement in September 2007, we setup a html-based forum (yetanotherforum). With it, the player community can consolidate and exchange using many additional features compared with the flash version.
In December 2007, the flash game acquires yet another look update as well as a map publication system which allows player to share their boards.

During the following 2 years, the game won’t receive much addition. That is, until Dharokan enters the scene ...