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A new hope

Chris calls Bill to the rescue. Bill had followed the project since its inception but hasn’t been able to dedicate much time to it. That’s when a major opportunity presented itself: Microsoft just released the .Net framework and Bill was eager to try this technology out with a development. Robostrike will become his playground for that.

Out Java, within two months, Bill develops a new game server from scratch in C#. A large portion of the client/server protocol is revised at this occasion and improvements are made on the security of the communication as well as the data storage. The multiplayer game server engine is setup in August 2003 on a new machine and in a new hosting environment provided by Oceanet Technology. Although the hardware is costly, we were going to benefit for many years of a free hosting thanks to Oceanet Technology who also want to test the .Net framework.
We therefore address here special thanks to Pierre Voillet and Bruno Grimaud for this very nice help.

Meanwhile, the game acquires a new look, released in September 2003.

All tests are passed successfully, the new server works to perfection and Robostrike can finally take off. After a bit more tweaking and thanks to the novelty of the multiplayer online game concept without download, Robostrike is now on the path to success.