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Robostrike’s heyday

The year 2004 will become a landmark in Robostrike’s history with 450.000 visits and an average of 1.700 visits per day. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t make it to Flashforward. We never had the slightest feedback following our submission nor any clue on the selection criteria. This contest, where web-agencies congratulates each other seems the closed garden of established companies in the sector and doesn’t leave much room for hobbyists...

In April 2004 however, our efforts are finally recognized. Several players notify us that the famous French magazine “Science&Vie Micro” (SVM) just released an half page article full of praise. It speaks of Robostrike in terms of a “flash game marvel” and grants us 5 star on a total of 5 in its permanent web guide (see original article in French).

This article leads to a peak of traffic up to 7.715 visits on the day of its publication (see graphics). The server runs at a high speed ;)

The player community keeps growing with the release in May 2004 of a flash forum internal to the game and the translation of the game into several languages.

A big thank you for their translation and help to Pyra (German), Rote baron and Dragoo (Spanish), Xrbot (Portuguese), Sitka (Dutch) and Leleft (Italian).



But, unsuspected, the threat of the increasing success of Google was growing ...