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Dharokans maps

Hi folks,

today Chris activated the button "map-code" in the editor.
With this button, we can share our maps by copy-pasting the code.

Chris a activé la fonction "mapcode" dans l'éditeur. Vous pouvez obtenir un code correspondant à la map pour pouvoir le partager en le collant dans ce forum. Il suffit de le coller ensuite dans n'importe quelle map solo que vous avez (second cadre).

Currently that button is only available on maps with auto-bots. So if you have a map without bots (like me!) you will need to add a fake one. I hope, chris will change that soon.

Pour l'instant on ne peux partager que les maps avec autobots.

So I suggest everybody creates an own team post for his maps (otherwise it could become a mess imho)

L'idée est de créer chacun un team post pour ses maps. Vous collez tous vos codes actuels dans votre team post.

In addition, Amloo and me redefined our naming convention. We think that adding the par to the name is a good idea, so we get rid of the "solo". New names should be like this :
Level [space] author code [space] par
Example for my level2 map with a par of 12:
2 dha 12

De plus, on a décidé de renommé les noms de maps, histoire de s'y retrouver dans nos maps. On utilisera plus le mot solo mais ceci :
Niveau [espace] nom de l'auteur [espace] par
Exemple pour mon niveau 2 avec un par de 14 :
2 aml 14

So here we go:

1 dha XX - 0%

2 dha 12 - 100% - par 12 - 9x7 - conveyour belts only


3 dha 11 - 098% - par 11 - 6x6 - fight a group of static bots
comment: par already beaten by amloo

4 dha 27 - 100% - par 31 - 9x8 - bank robbery (patrol of moving bots)

5 dha 48 - 100% - par 42 - 5x6 - small map but long way

6 dha 42 - 100% - par 42 - 6x8 - sokoban

7 dha 46 - 100% - par 46 - 7x13 - mass destruction

Have fun with them,


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Changed the code of 5 dha 48

Changed the code of 5 dha 48 to the fixed one from Chris.
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Sokoban solved in 35

Sokoban solved in 35 moves? :smoke: I retire!! 

@Amloo: I had such a bug once too. And I suppose that's the same bug that sometimes occurs on a map with many pushers. Sometimes killed bots remain "blocking" but invisible.

I guess this could be a race condition (for all programmers ^^). 
I hope that Chris can fix it someday...
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7 dha 46 - 100% - par 46 -

7 dha 46 - 100% - par 46 - 7x13 - mass destruction

wow crazy ! There is a problem of bugs when i play. For example, i blast and kill 8 robots and after i am under a bloc > i can't moove. We must resolve this bug if we want keep this map i think.
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I can't do better than 39

I can't do better than 39 =(
But I did 35 for sokoban =D
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6 dha 42 - 100% - par 42 >>

6 dha 42 - 100% - par 42 >> beat in 40

This is a good idea to take some concept from other games. A new player can shoot all autobots if he want, but he can't have the par by this way.
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> I really love the 7, this

> I really love the 7, this is funny to play =D (par beaten with 41)

Hehe that motivated me. Now I've finished it with only 38 moves. Beat this! :cool:
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Thanks for the comments. I've

Thanks for the comments. I've fixed #6 now :)
elec_lapin's Bild

I recognized the game without

I recognized the game without reading the title for the 6, but there's two bots on a stack so we can pass through them, you juste have to change that ;)
I really love the 7, this is funny to play =D (par beaten with 41)
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Good news: Chris fixed the

Good news: Chris fixed the bug about autobot lives :)
Now they will have the amount of lives that you enter in the editor - before they had infinitive lives, as most of you have seen...

This motivated me to create 2 new maps (see above). This time I tried to provide a unique and funny style of playing. Have fun!

There still remains the restrictions that we can only paste maps with autobots into the editor though :(
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Maybe that's because there is

Maybe that's because there is no auto-bot on this map? It's my only one without any bot though...
east amloo's Bild

It happen the same for two

It happen the same for two maps of shogun...
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> I can't take your map level

> I can't take your map level 5.

That's strange, I can't paste it either.
Even when I copy it and paste it to a new map immediately, it doesn't work.
Probably another bug :(
east amloo's Bild

I can't take your map level

I can't take your map level 5.
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Oh, glad that you like them

Oh, glad that you like them :)

But hummm... I just re-checked them and all works fine for me. Strange...

BTW: I've added #5 now, but you know it already ^^
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Nice maps =) But I can't play

Nice maps =)
But I can't play your second one =s


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