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Final Review needed!

Hi folks,

you may have noticed it: Most of our maps are published and available in the game now :)
But this is only a preview!

Now we should review all the maps again and check if their level of difficulty is set correctly. (And let's check the PARs, too...)

And finally: Are they all good enough to keep them for the public list? I suppose that we take only really good maps. (Most of them were very good, as much as I remember). Anyway my suggestion: Everybody should vote 2 maps for deletion (regardless of the author). Ok?

So let's check them again and let's answer the above questions here! :)

BTW: I would be happy if anybody could provide a French basic translation :p 

>> translation activated, mode français

Salut les gars,

Vous avez du le remarquer : la plupart de nos maps sont publiées et disponible dans le jeu à présent. Mais ce n'est qu'un aperçu !

Maintenant nous devons revoir toutes les cartes une nouvelle fois et vérifier si le niveau de difficulté est correctement calibré. (Et vérifier les pars, aussi...)

Et finalement : Est-ce que toutes les maps sont suffisamment bonne pour les garder dans la liste publique ? Je propose qu'on ne retienne que les très bonnes cartes. (La plupart sont vraiment bonnes, de ce que je me rappelle). Voici une proposition : Tout le monde doit voter pour éliminer deux cartes (sans faire attention à l'auteur). Ok ?

Donc c'est parti, vérifions les cartes une nouvelle fois et répondons à toutes les demandes ici.



enigma's Bild

a few things 1.  somtimes on

a few things

1.  somtimes on maps you can input incomplete sequences ( I did this on the path map.)  on the t hird turn I only inoputed 4/6)

2. when your killed by a bot or laser you must start over completly but if you fall in a a hole you go back to the last chip or the start.

 so maybe numbetr 2 could be fixed by a all deaths = a do over from the start

 or all deaths = return to the last chip.

3. somtimes not sure why when you start the level you will spawn in  hte upper left corner semi in a item then any inputs you make resultws in a 1 move solution this needs to be fixed also i have recorded 5 maps that I have had this happen on i will post them here, currently the cause is unkown....... (seemed to happen after the name update not sure though)

Cheers enigma =)

(ps i dont know if its a bug that i postted here sorry if i wasnt supposed to or be able to =) )
chris's Bild

Yes this final review is

Yes this final review is needed to polish the solo maps list.
It's an opportunity for me to clarify a couple of things: ;)
- there is only 5 difficulty levels indeed : 2,4,6,8,10 bars
- level 2 is for real beginners, so it must be restricted to very very easy maps (dharokan 1 is level 4 imo)
- some RS official solo maps difficulty levels are wrong too: example Stage 5 should be at least level 4, Mad Lab 3 is level 2 or 4 not more, Caste 1 and Castel 2 are level 2 not more.
- I selected the best solo maps (to my point of view), but I'm OK to add some more very good ones if you like. I discarded maps with too many autobots or moving board items, to prevent low performance on slow players' computers.
- I renamed those maps with their author name by difficulty level order because it was easier for me and I hadn't a name for each maps but only for some. This will be upgraded with future developments of "real" solo maps edition features.
- I set the par to what I found (and understood) in the RS school discussions. There can be some mistakes of course.

Let me know by PM when the final tuning will be over.
east amloo's Bild

ok so. I agree with the fact

ok so. I agree with the fact we need to check the level of each solo map. More of that, we need to named it no ?

There is some strange point for now :

1. west ern4 is not the west ern4 that we have in the RS school map... (i never played this map before).
2. some maps have not the good level of difficulty :
- east amloo 1 and 2 must be 2 and 1 (the easier map is the 2 should be the first).
- elec_lapin 3 must be elec_lapin 1 (easier lapin's map ?)
3. some "par" are not the "par" find in the RS school maps :
- dharokan2 should be 9
- dharokan5 should be 35 (elec_lapin in comments)

There is 10 parts of level. The older map have 2-4-6-8 and 10 (machina).

Actually and my opinion each level map:
west raven1 = 2 >> ok
west raven2 = 6 >> should be 3 (for me)
west raven3 = 6 >> should be 7 or 8
west raven4 = 6 >> should be 5

west ern1 = 2 >> should be 1
west ern2 = 4 >> ok
west ern3 = 6 >> 5 ?
west ern4 = 10 >> ???

elec_lapin1 = 2 >> 3 ?
elec_lapin2 = 4 >> 6 or 7
elec_lapin3 = 6 >> 2
elec_lapin4 = 8 >> 9
elec_lapin5 = 10 >> ok

east amloo1 = 4 >> 3
east amloo2 = 6 >> 1
east amloo3 = 6 >> ok
east amloo4 = 8 >> ok

dharokan1 = 4 >> 2 ?
dharokan2 = 6 >> 4 ?
dharokan3 = 6
dharokan4 = 6
dharokan5 = 8
east amloo's Bild

Ok, it's here. I forget this

Ok, it's here. I forget this topic.
dharokan's Bild

> Dharo5 : the new par :

> Dharo5 : the new par : 35

Whoah, amazing. I know hot to do it in 38... But 35?!? No idea  lol

BTW: I think it's okay to put a PAR higher than the best possible one. For example: on Dharo5, I think it would be ok to keep PAR at 38 or 39. So players who beat it with 35 can be even more proud ;)

> Just a litte problem , our par are not save ...

Yes, because it's only a preview and mainly meant for us to review them ;)
After we did our final judgement, Chris will finish it.
west ern's Bild

Hey my fifth map doesn't

Hey my fifth map doesn't appear ... 

Solo5Ern : 





But that does not work...
west raven's Bild

Hey , Eastamloo 4 :  the new

Hey ,
Eastamloo 4 :  the new par : 12
Dharo5 : the new par : 35
Dharo4 : the new par : 43

Just a litte problem , our par are not save ...


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