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Lapin's maps

1 lap 14:


2 lap 42:


3 lap 98:


4 lap 29:


5 lap 41:


6 lap 10:
(par discovered by amloo)


7 lap 55:


8 lap 24:


Don't hesitate to give me your judgment ;)


elec_lapin's Bild

Discover 8 lap 24, inspired

Discover 8 lap 24, inspired by longstreet :p
quite easy one ;)
elec_lapin's Bild

Thanks for the comment =) It

Thanks for the comment =)
It was the goal to introduce items for n°7, I'm glad you noticed it !
I also put the par for n°2 and 3 ;)
east amloo's Bild

Ok, the map n°6 is a real

Ok, the map n°6 is a real hard map but a short race. So i think it can be classify in the top harder map.
And... i beat the par in 10. ^^

For the map n°7. Really interesting. Progressive map, introducing all items. Hard and fun. That's a good job lapin !
elec_lapin's Bild

2 new maps to discover I

2 new maps to discover ;)
I thought the 6 would be simple to solve but in fact it was too hard for beginners =( Doesn't matter, I like and keep it :p
And the 7 is rather easy =)
Have fun!
elec_lapin's Bild

Thanks for comments =D I had

Thanks for comments =D
I had made a mistake in my last comment.
So for 2 lap, each robot has normally only one life. I agree with you it's too complicated since autobots always reappear! Perhaps should we ask Chris to see what he could do?
And this is in 3 lap that the autobot has only 3 lifes and shouldn't reappear each time you kill him after 3 times wink
Mea culpa!
dharokan's Bild

My comments: 1 lap 14: Not

My comments:

1 lap 14: Not too hard and funny. Well.. too hard for beginners though but I like it alot.

2 lap: Wow that's a long one to play. You really have to kill them, right? I've not yet managed to solve it though...

3 lap:
Damn hard! Too hard for me lol. I made it to the hald of the 2nd "circle" (turn 72) but couldn't survive longer.
Anyway, I like it. The only problem is that the bastard-autobot does not move like a real player could.. that could confuse some players. Still the most creative one so far :)

4 lap:
Another creative masterpiece! Completely new way of playing lol.
I have not even beaten it. Always 2 marks missing when I die...

5 lap:
I surrender !!!
I will never be a master at solo maps, snif. This map is brillant too. So many mean spots where you think "this is impossible"... but then you find the clue. Nice nice!

Your maps are hard nuts to crack. I agree with amloo that #2 is the poorest one, but that's mainly because the other 4 are so good! Now I'm eager to see some easier maps.
Btw: I've only been able to finish your first one :crybaby:

Sad greetings,
east amloo's Bild

Let see other comments about

Let see other comments about this one (la troisième map de lapin).
elec_lapin's Bild

Thanks for the first =D For

Thanks for the first =D
For the second one, you have to take into consideration that in fact, the autobot has only 3 lifes and doesn't reappear each time you kill him after 3 times ;) Then the map isn't so complicated I think
east amloo's Bild

Comment of 2 lap ?? : LOL.

Comment of 2 lap ?? :

LOL. So hard and not fun at all. I think you must have a better map than this.
east amloo's Bild

Comment of 1 lap 14 : Very

Comment of 1 lap 14 :

Very good job lapin.


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