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West ern's maps

[Dharo edit: I've placed the fixed codes from chris below western's]
level 1 : par en 8 - the must simple race :



level 2 : par en 10 - Appearance of the bomb :


Level 3 : par en 16 - Robots in movement:



Level 4 : par en 18 - Expert map



Level 5 : par en (40) - The must difficult race in Rs ( If the bug of the hole comes back ) :




west ern's Bild

Solo4Ern : 9 x 6 : Par

Solo4Ern : 9 x 6 : Par 18

west ern's Bild

SoloX5 Ern : Par

SoloX5 Ern : Par 18

west ern's Bild

I decided to put my number 4

I decided to put my number 4 for the last level, and make a new map :D with the map that had the bug of the hole..

Amloo --> Can you give me your par ?, i could make mistake for the par :disgusted

For you which map is the most interesting ?

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Hum... i don't know

Hum... i don't know :confused:
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The hole-bug is already

The hole-bug is already solved.

Really?? Why wasn't that told anywhere... ? :rolleyes:


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Level 5: Difficult and nice.

Level 5: Difficult and nice. But if the hole-bug will be solved, the map would be obsolete =/

The hole-bug is already solved.
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Level 1: Sweet little

Level 1: Sweet little children's map. Perfect for newbies.

Level 2: Nice semi-easy map. (well ok, still easy but beginners have to understand the way how to end at the pusher)

Level 3: A bit more tricky. Very nice, too.

Level 4: Much harder than it looks. I have not solved it yet but it's addicting to try on.

Level 5: Difficult and nice. But if the hole-bug will be solved, the map would be obsolete =/

My final summary:
Your maps show a perfect curve of difficulty! They don't have any unique concept (except of level 4), but of course we will need more of such "normal but fun" maps than unique ones. (Otherwise they wouldn't be unique anymore ;) )

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I have edited your posting

I have edited your posting now and added the fixed codes from Chris in grey.
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Level 4 : par en 18 - Expert

Level 4 : par en 18 - Expert map

>> done in 15. About the map, it can be hard for new players and not really fun. I think it's interesting for middle players who start to increase levels.  Classical but autobot actions are good = real challenge.
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Est-ce que tu as créer des

Est-ce que tu as créer des maps sans autobots ?
Pour ta map numéro 5, il faudra l'adapter sans le bug car chris a définitivement réglé ça et c'est normal. Je trouve tes séquences d'autobots très intéressantes mais en soit la course n'est pas si dure que ça (je vois comment tu veux utiliser le bug). On ne joue pas avec les bugs, on les éradique ;):arrow:

Have you created some maps without autobots ?
For the n°5, we must not create map with bugs. I find your autobot sequency very interesting but your run is not so hard (i see where you want to use the bug). We are not playing with bugs, we erase them ;):arrow:
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The levels 1 , 3 and 4 don't

The levels 1 , 3 and 4 don't work  without any reason


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