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Active / Inactive Button

4 Antworten [Letzter Beitrag]
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Hey guys,

while hanging around here i had an idea: Would it be possible to set myself inactive on the players list as long as i don't want to play or am away in the kitchen etc.? This would it make easier for other players to invite only people who want to play and noone will have to wait too long on invited players wich aren't in front of their desktop.
When coming back from the kitchen i click again on my nick and am active again.
Sorry for my english i hope you understand hwat i mean.

Thanks for making it possible to play this great game!

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You're welcome.
There is a feature in my very long todolist :ninja: which could match your request : set a player to inactive status automatically after 2 min of inactivity.
snafu's Bild
Last seen: vor 5 Jahre 44 Wochen
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Hi Chris,

i don't think that its good to let this happen automatically. I thought on the possibility of being in the robostrike room and only want to watch games or (antother possibility) the telephone rings and i can't play for a while. Then it would be cool to set myself inactive and can come back lateron.

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yeah I agree with snafu it shosuld be activated and deactivated manuuly but anyways it would be helpfull however i would be patient enough to wait as long as it takes we will see.
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Yeah, I thought last time I was online enigma was ignoring me :) haha..