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Special Bomb and Special Shield

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here are my suggestions to add more strategy to the game :

- Remote bomb : when you put it you can set when it will explode, it can costs an action or no action at all.

- Super shield : Protects you from bomb freeze but only absorbs 1 damage
This idea could be modified quite a lot and still be interesting.

- Modified bombs : why not freezing the player during 2 actions * damage taken, it means if you take full damage, 3 HP,  you will be frozne the whole turn, but if you take only 2 damage because of your shield you're frozen only 4 actions, or 1 action * damage taken.

These things could be options only.

PS : mince jviens de me rendre compte que j'aurai pu écrire ça en fr mais trop tard
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I was thinking of a refecter shield only asorbs   2  damage and reflects shots.