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Who is the...

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Imagen de angeluv
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pinky wrote:
And I'll have to vote for myself for best female ;) as ellie is unbelievably easy, Icebunny and angeluv don't play anymore and they are the only girls who could play decent lol. So until another female beats me bo3 Im #1 =)

I would agree with you but.. i'm back!! ^-^ hopefully you come back and read this so we can duel like old times. but hopefully less friction like old times hahaha!    Miss you Ms. Hyper ;p
Imagen de gladiator
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angeluv wrote:
but hopefully less friction like old times hahaha!

Is this possible with Hyper? :D
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yeah bet so were all human we all need to learn to be more forgiving some times. ;) (myself included)
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Yeah, Hyper was or is indeed the top female player ever, and for the guys, Ramses, Storm and Duper had the best game to me.