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Season 10

This post-summer holiday period was for me a bit harder than expected, but I’m back now to work for RS again. I hope you’re fine too and that the lucky ones of us enjoyed this sunny summer. The new 2013-2014 season will be a  special one for Robostrike because this is the real 10’th season for the online multiplayer game version. Champagne !

Hum, wait a minute … of course it would be a little sad to celebrate it without some more players. That’s why there are some priorities in the RS dev pipe in order to turn this season into success:

Web marketing, SEO, net linking

RS doesn’t have any good backlinks alive as we never did anything for SEO since the beginning 10 years ago. It’s time to play the game again with search engines for this site to exist in search results and game directories. Some help is welcome for this hard and time consuming work. By the way, I’m looking for a web SEO freelance to build the road map (as a affordable paid job for the real free game site RS is). If you know one, please use the contact form to let me know. We’ll also probably have soon the opportunity to send an email to 5000 of our previously most active players for RS birthday. We need more activity in the gameroom before sending it, if we want old players to come back.

Multiplayer team games

I’m about to release a new version online featuring a new option for on the go multiplayer team games. We tested it with some modos before summer, and it seems to work well. This is now a question of days, and also of course a question of number of players connected as to play team games, we need at least 4 players connected at the same time. As we are talking about team, why not a persistent team feature too during this 10’th season we could call “clans” (you know clans became very trendy those last months thanks to the famous multiplayer game clash of clans). Persistent teams would be also a good way to recruit new players and have more activity in the forum with clans’ communities discussions.

Make the game easier for new players

There will be soon a new option available for beginners to show the moves they’re about to validate. A ghost robot will show the result of their actions (position, rotation, health) taking into account the map items actions. So every time they will enter or suppress an action they will see the result in real time before validation. Of course it won’t take into account the moves of other players in a multiplayer games or autobots in a solo mission game, but it will at least be a great help to learn playing Robostrike and prevent bad moves calculation.

A more addictive game experience

Maybe you already heard about robots voltage ? This project is related to an achievements award system, where each time your robot makes something great ex : publish a map, wins a game, get a trophee (ex 2 kills in one turn, …) you will improve your voltage points. Those voltage points can then be turned into new options or features you’ll be granted access to. Then old and experimented players will have more features enabled on Robostrike than beginners. So players will see progressively their possibilities increase for using options and special features in the game.

There are also some other minor improvements in the pipe, but here is the main road map. The first step now, if we want all this to come soon, is to give more live to the gameroom. We need every one to help keeping the gameroom alive by spending some time playing as often as possible and help new players to understand RS gameplay. We’re counting on you to help us giving RS a new start.

The RS team