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New game animations and sounds

game_animationsAs you may have seen while playing a multiplayer game today, we've got a new version of the online game featuring improved visual and sound effects. The aim of this upgrade is to make the game more understandable and funny for all and especially for beginners with more life when running actions into the robots battle :unibrow:

We hope you will enjoy this changes making Robostrike feel still like a tactics game but with more up to date animations as we can find in other casual games, or free flash games on internet.
There is no change in the basic rules, strategy, gameplay and actions order, but all the game sounds have been changed or been remastered, and we've got a lot of new ingame animations, for example:
damages caused by other robots' laser or blast or gameboard lasers, energy refill, set a bomb, bomb explosion, frozen robot, status boxes, robot's apparition, shield on and off, getting goodies, craters after robot's explosion, etc ...

Thanks again to Dharokan for his help while selecting and tuning all this new features. It has been a long work and a nice discussion as usual to get all this running fine.
Please give us your feedback by commenting this topic, because your suggestions are also welcome for the next steps.
If you like it don't forget to help us by spreading this free multiplayer game around!
Have a look to the share page to link us and get more new players here discovering Robostrike and its community.
The RS team


yeku's picture

Great improvements! Good job

Great improvements! Good job Chris and Dharo! ;) And I really like so much the new shield!
dharokan's picture

It's been a pleasure!  And

It's been a pleasure! 

And in fact I didn't provide as much this time.
It has to been pointed out: Most of the things have been done by Chris himself! (for example the great new shield)
Very well done :thumbsup: