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New game version D-day

A new version of RS has been under construction for several months. Meanwhile, there were almost no upgrade of the current one, ... of course. But now is time for an upgrade!

This new 2011-06-23 User Interface intends to achieve mainly 3 goals :
- A nicer and modernized look of the game, fitting with the new site design
- An improved usability, by trying to make RS features and navigation more intuitive to new players
- Prepare RS for further upcomming developments

We are now fine-tuning some details before a release on thursday evening, save the date and be there  :unibrow:

We hope you'll enjoy
The RS team


elek_best's picture

Old RS

I kinda miss the old RS interface,though the new one  looks much smoother
elec_drago's picture

Un peu de neuf ne fait pas de

Un peu de neuf ne fait pas de mal ! :thumbsup: