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Score rules

Players' scores have been reset yesterday night 2012-11-20 in order to introduce a new score system for Robostrike.
Don't be affraid, it doesn't happen too often :D (*)

This new multiplayer games score formula still mixes skills and activity... but the former one had to be tuned a little to make more room to new players against experimented players. It will be more easy now for beginners to win points, but progressively harder as their score will increase. The score calculation for multiplayer games is still based on 3 parts :

Game fees : from -0 to -12 points
This is like stake points you would pay for registering to the game. Those fees depend on your score and the number of players in the game. As your score grows, the game fees are getting bigger, but they are also getting smaller as there is more players in the game.
calculation details = 3% of yourscore / (nbplayers+8) with a -12 points max fee

Activity points : from +0 to +12 points
you can gain points in each multiplayer game you play, even if you are not the final winner of this game. The number of points that you can get is based on the number of kills you perform if this is a death match game, or the number of marks you reach if this is a race game. 
calculation details = +1 points per killed robot in death match game (with a limit of +12 points) or 3 x reached marks / total marks in a race game
Activity points are doubled during Happy hours ! (everyday from 6pm to 8pm)

Winner bonus : from +1 to + 32 points
If you are the final winner of a multiplayer game, you will gain a bonus, besides your activity points. This bonus is basically the sum of the game fees paid by each player who joined the game.
calculation details = sum of all game fees (with a minimum of nbplayers-1 and a maximum of 4 x nbplayers)

Details of scores calculation can be seen on the score board showing at the end of multiplayer games.

Congratulation to the active players who were part of the TOP10, before this 2012-11-20 reset :

* The last score reset was done two years ago in 2010-10-19 as we changed the score rules. See previous rules here : http://www.robostrike.com/points-reset-and-new-ranking-system