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38 - not cheat, but bad players

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Okay, for a whole afternoon i sit at RS and these three 38 player are here with me. and in all this afternoon, they play only private games of Ray on the map of Ray and every time he win it. nobody play my games, and i cannot play theirs.
the Problem is this.
I am a better player than Ray, as are most people on this game with even 300 point.
someone who has his skill does not deserve 1500 points, and he should not have it.
the only Reason he have it is because he cheat with his friends and play nobody who is better than him.
so it is simple. he either change how he play, or his points are reset. 
I am not only person who feel this way about this persons, i asurre you
i do not come to RS to sit and watch noobs with more point than me get yet more point because they are coward and cheat.
Amloo, you may think Ray and his friend are nice - I dont care. if they are nice.
i might be nice but that does never mean cheat is not bad. if he want only to play his friend on his own map then he should not get point as he does for it, it is not equitable or fair.
deal with it, mods! it is what you are here for!

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I don't really see the cheat... The "38 people" are just a few friends who want to play together in a game, so what? Would you like us to forbid them to play between friends? We can encourage them to play more with other players but we can't forbid them to play together, that makes no sense!

And if rays only plays with his friends and gets 1500 points, that just shows his level against his friends, and not against all the community and RS players (btw, that's a proof that points don't always give the correct level of a player)

And as Chris said here:http://www.robostrike.com/fr/topics/multiplayer-games-english-forum/online-players-lounge/resolved-something-suspicious-38-s-guys?page=1 , he won't have a big score if he keeps on playing like he does ;)

You were just unlucky to be alone with those guys playing together and obviously a bit frustrated that there wasn't other people to play with you. So, not to be alone next time, invite your friends on RoboStrike and play with them :)

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Thanks lapin for this perfect answer, all is said.

I think you can enter in contact with us explaining that you want to play too. Join the facebook page if you want to propose a robostrike session, or just wait other people if you have no friends irl who wants to play with you on Robostrike.

I'am a little dissapointed that the score is so important for you... But if you want really increase your score, come on Robostrike every day, fight with everyone and win the gratitude of the community for your play. Each choose his way of win. I love you DJ. :smirk:
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Dear me.
If you don't like him, DJ, just ignore the [beep]. Everyone knows I don't like people who play to win (Probably because I know that most of the time I've got that too far to the front of my priority list :L), so I ignore people like him.
As soon as he puts you in a mood like this, he wins. 

Seriously, if you hate him, it's his problem. Don't make it yours by letting it concern you.
And play for fun! It's more fun! :L 
Especially for your opponent! :D

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Just to say: Ray38 is a very active active player. He's logged in every day and plays a lot. The new score system rewards activity as well, so it's no surprise that his score kept rising to this level.

On the other hand, saying that he has no skills is not true. He's lacking experience but imho he's skilled enough to become a good player soon.
The other 38's are less active and therefore less experienced. I understand that they prefer to play together (especially after this bad mood coming from other players...)

By the way, Tomu: No swearings or insults in RS please. (I edited your post)

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Everything is said so I just say one thing: topics like this should be deleted.
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Well yeku, at least closed....   done!