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Game Mode "Group"

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chris wrote:
3) Then I will try to prioritize team matches

Yahoooooooo !!!!
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yes Amlo...
Great ... I'm very happy about that.;):)and it seems very well achieve insert the game on Facebook, that way would have more popularity, more people would play. Chris is bright:!:, and I also liked that the trophies ^ ^ there are more contests and more reasons to play;):thumbsup:

soon this game will be full of players ... and there will be more challenges, contests and tournaments ^^

I like the planning of Chris:thumbsup:

anything is possible, but in due time ...

greetings to all. see you soon
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I know how to make fb apps and am a fb developer. RS could run as a fb app with just a little change  to your php and probably none to your swf.  The only changes would be auth 2.0 support and depending on what permissions you want from fb users. Friends lists, profile info etc.
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If (somehow) I can know how to program, or how to hack well, I could make N.O.W the team match thingy. However, it would be a laststanding game, because if one group survives and remains two or more players, i could turn the game to make them fight for tha final score. Also, you don't know now, but your brain was cloned 5 seconds ago, and I'm editing your memories (off-topic).