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Hey guys! Long time no see!

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Last seen: 2 weeks 1 day ago
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Hey! Do anyone (still XD) remember me? I was about to play, one day, robostrike but somthing passed near my eyes. I started viewing Youtube Poop... Until I've reached to a Minecraft parody. But guess what? That thing, aside from Frustrating me cuz' I was wasting my iron, gave me ideas for robostrike. Custom powers could be good here! I know that there would be a lot of programming, but adding custom powers can be something cool. And for draw your own tiles. And adding bots with different patterns. And something valious. Painting your own tank/robot/ship/WHATEVER. Well, the point of this topic was because I've returned. My father before disconnected Wi-Fi because the router doesn't worked. And the secondary point was for create paintings for the tank, buying certain power-ups, special powers, or directly handicap. These aren't free, of course. (mini-dollars, RS current, obtained by non-used power-ups). Well... I can press enter on my phone, and when I finished writing, the characters left was 0 of 1024.
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Hi claudio ! Sure i remember you ^^ (almost in the forum)

I invite you to participate to the improvement of Robostrike in the specific part on the forum here >> Webgames improvements

Good to see you again here :)
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well here is what i think.

custom tanks = yes  would make rs interesting and more artistic also if you could put your froum picturfe on it that would be nice.

custom wepons = no would make rs have to much varyity and people could possibly make really cheaterish wepons ( like a max distance power bomb that does 5 damage always.)

custom tiles= yes would make Rs look cooler would have to be higher quality htough but ive always htought about intead of old boring black pits have lava and water nad spike pits which would destroy your bot. also custom blocks instead of hte old silver would be cool Rs needs to be able to make the blocks match the background.

buying? = no most definitly not RS is a free game nad it should stay that way many games have been ruined for me cause of having to start paying for them.

anyways cheers