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Points issue / fault ?

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Apologies if there is already a thread dedicated to this.

I played a few head to head games with elec_porc yesterday and he left our final game (Blitz) just as I won the game and I did not receive any points and the game did not register in Game Stats? Is this a fault or glitch or even a cheat to avoid losing points?

I don't believe my friend elec_porc left because he did not want to lose points because I know he is a fair and honest player but just incase this becomes an issue.

I am not overly concerned by my points (winning or losing!) and play for the FUN of it. However I have noticed lately that players seem to be opting not to play me because of my points (or lack of them!) as they seem to be afraid they will lose points. Please play people! even if it is no score. I want RS to get back to being a busy, fun and exciting game!

See you all on the battlefield !


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lol, yeah it's always been an issue...