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[resolved] Something suspicious with the 38's guys

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Amloo, im not annoyed because of his amount of points.
I started this post because they annoyed me in a game with 6 or 7p players: rays moved normally (but noob moves anyway) and haxe and the other just made blast, shoot... only those moves. They made lose me and the others some health and you know that's annoying.
Another thing is that rays made a game and he played with 3 accounts so when a played joined it was 3v1, that's unfair.
This is not all about what they do with their points, but they just started to annoy me and some players in some games and specially in the game i said.
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This is way too far. another account made by him. One called 'hakim38' God. soo unfair block his IP address.
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We must trust that there is different people behind each account. If you want to win more points, come and fight him (rays). His score will be reduce if you beat him, etc. If there is any other problems of insults or everything, it's an other part. A newbie is a normal player that you must beat. Maybe they are friends and so they help the others, that's totally logical if it's your friend.

SO !

Create your own team and fight them in teams ^^

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bon vous avez un problem allez voir chris et demender lui qu4on ne peut pas se connecter sur 2 compte  avec la meme persone il me l'a di lui meme on ne peut pas gagner des points en se connectant sur le meme id vous ne me croyait pas allez lui demander a chris

good you have a problem go seechris and demende qu4on it can notlog on account 2 with the same person to me di it himself can not earn points inthe same login id you do not believe goask him not a chris

Edit by elec_lapin : essaye d'éviter d'écrire en majuscules, merci :)

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^^ I don't understand amloo. 
You're saying that we have to go and beat him to reduce his score? I mean, yea awesome he's siting there alowwed to cheat? Suit yourself, but its still umnfair even if there are differant people behind it. their still getting thousands of points. 

You said play him if you want to reduce his score... What? He doesn't join any games. And what about the things we saw him and haxe do

Replieing with differant accounts. SAME PERSON. I'm not trying to be rude to you amloo, as you are very nice and kind but please. This is unacceptable. I thought you were talking to the modos?

Oh well.... :( 


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As already said:
You can't play multiplayer scored games from the same PC and/or with the same IP on RS, that's right. So it becomes by the way quite hard to cheat by playing against yourself (with 2 PCs and 2 different internet access providers in your room).
But it's not the only limit. If you look at the score system here http://www.robostrike.com/points-reset-and-new-ranking-system you will understand that you can't reach very high scores if you only play 2 or 3 players games and if you don't play against bigger scores and against more players in multiplayer games.
But you can quite easily reach a 1000 points score if you play often and even if you don't win each time.

That's why, I think there are no lasting cheaters here :ninja:

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Eh bien, rays38, ce n'est pas vrai à toute ce que vous écrivez. Mais de toute façon, merci pour avoir pris part à la discussion.

Well, rays38, it's not absolutely true, what you're writing. Anyway, thanx for taking part in the discussion.

To the others: You are mixing 2 different subjects here.

1. Suspicion of cheat (electrix, agent and others)

There's no proof of evidence for this. 
They could simply be a few friends who know each other and prefer to get used to the game by playing with each other mainly. Imho that's not very unlikely...

Btw: Right now I've seen both (haxe38 and rays38) playing with others, too

Please relax and don't be that quick with judging others. If you have a suspicion, I'd prefer that you tell it to a mod in private. We are active and will deal with such things, of course. ;)

And by the way: We believe that the new score system will prevent serious cheating with such a method. A player might probably go up to 1.500 points but not further.

2. Bad playing attitude (marrown)

Yeah, I get the point. But they are new to RS and probably quite young. Please don't blame newbies for their lack of social experience ;)
They will learn. And they already did imho. Give them a chance to grow into RS community.

So... let's have peace! (and fight!) :thumbsup:

EDIT: Darn, Chris was faster ^^

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Ok guys my turn.

First, i want to apologize to rays and their friends. There is no cheat between us and my first message in the forum is the good one. After that i trust they cheating but i made a mistake in my judgment (thanks to lapin). Chris recap that the new system is the best that RS never have. If people have a bad run points, they can't pass over a number. Now, we must have peace ^^ So electrix, agent and marrown you must take a kiss to rays and haxe :lol: