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Robostrike Game FAQ

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Hi folks,

I have found a local copy of my old FAQ
So here I am going to collect the most important / frequent questions about Robostrike.

If you're missing something, feel free to post, I might add your suggestion.


How can I register?

You simple have to go to the registration section and choose a nick. Your email address address is needed for verification purposes. You will receive an email with a confirmation link.
It's totally free and Robostrike staff will never use your email for anything else but game community purposes.

What's this game about?

In Robostrike you have to program your robots move, six turns in advance. All players do this at the same time and watch the resulting actions afterwards. The aim is to stay alive longest or to be the first to touch all chips of a race.

The details would go beyond the scope of this FAQ, so I recommend to try the tutorial.

What are the rules of a race?

In a race the player who manages to touch all chips first will be the winner. The order of touching the chips doesn't matter.

Chips that you've already visited are marked red. You can watch the progress of the other players by moving your pointer above their robots.

When your robot is destroyed, you will loose your last touched chip and you will respawn at the position of your second last one. (Not always at chip 1 though.)

If you would be destroyed exactly on a chip, that one will remain in your list of touched chips. That can become pretty handy.

Wich robot moves first?

Players move in the order of when they logged in their moves.
As long as a player didn't log them in yet, you'll see him blinking.

The order is important when dealing with the question about who pushed whom. To have an eye on the order is quite necessary for skilled players.

Beware: That blinking might trick you. With a slow internet connection (for example) it may be that a player still looks blinking, even when he has made his moves already. That's because only the real time of logging in will be checked, not when the server gets the notification.

This might look like a bug sometimes but actually it's a feature for fairness.

How far do the conveyour belts move?

The simple grey belts move each robot one tile in the direction of the belt.
The purple turbo belts move them two tiles.

Even when you are moved from a grey belt onto a purple one, that purple belt will move you one tile further.

When do conveyour belts rotate my robot?

Everytime your robots is moved alongside a turn, he will be rotated my 90° in the according direction.

But that happens only when it gets moved along the turn. When a robot is just moved upon a belt that faces in a different directions, he won't be turned at all.

In what order do the board elements get activated?

  1. Conveyour belts
  2. Pushers
  3. Laser

Conclusion: For example if a pusher pushs your robot onto a conveyour belt, you won't be moved by the belt at once. Or a belt can also move you through laser beams without your robot being hurt.

What shall I do if anybody offends me in the chat?

If anybody has a go on your, the best idea is to inform a moderator.

That's most easiest when there is one logged in, too. (You may recognize moderators by their not filled triangle in the players list.)

When there is no moderator in the game, you can use the private message function of this community. All moderators are capable of understanding English, but I recommend to contact of of those:
Weebl_best, Blackram, Realtime or me (Dharokan)

What's this team thing?

During the years some teams have built within Robostrike. That's no official feature but generally accepted though.

Actually being member of a team has mainly social advantages; nevertheless there are team tournaments held from time to time.

Best known teams are:
Elecs: Probably the oldest Team in Robostrike, managed by elec_tof.
Team East (managed by east amloo)
Team West (managed by ???)
Are there any more of the old teams alive (best, spirit) ???

You can recognize team members by their nickname, which always shall contain the token of its team.

Since when does Robostrike exist?

Robostrike started on January the 3rd 2002 after a development of more than one year.
There were some changes every now and then, for example the first forum was introduced in 2004.

In January 2010 we recreated all of the ingame graphics. And this community website finally started in July 2010.

I don't speak any French, what shall I do?

Robostrike is a french product. That's why there's an especially large number of french players around. And according to that, French is the leading language in the game.

But in general most of the players are pretty liberal. Most of them understand at least the basics of the english language.

By the way: There are also many spanish speaking people, mainly when it's night in Europe.

How can I create my own maps?

You can access the map editor via "maps" -> "new map" or "edit".

There you can build whatever yu like and play it with others afterwards. The usage is very easy and even self-explanatory in my point of view.

How could I publish my maps?

If you want to make your map accessible for every player, you have to "share" it.
Others will be able to add it to their favorites and play it without you then.

Only requirement for a map to be published is that it has to be played by others at least 10 times.

Why do all get so angry about blasts?

Well, the old subject....

Many players follow the opinion, that blasting (the circular attack) is a beginners move only. And that better players shouldn't use it.
Some of them call everybody who uses it a 'blaster' or a 'noob'.

There's not much behind it. That point of view should have been outdated since the maximal amount of blasts per turn was restricted to 2 some years ago.

Besides: The very best players use the blast as a matter of course as every other move. 

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Why I can't add a map in my bookmark ?
How can I share a map with other ?
What is a par ?
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Scores FAQ

How the score system works?

The score system is a balanced system between activity and level. According to the ranking of player, him/her inverts a number of points each game to join (Fees), the winner earns a bonus (Winnerbonus) and all players earn points for kills (in deathmatch) or chips caught (in races). The latter are Activitypoints.

The formula is this one :

Score= Winnerbonus + Activitypoints - Fees

Detailed formula  here

I played a game and no one has won any point, why?

Can happen:
  • All players have died in the same run
  • It's a race and two players have finished in the same run.
  • It's a race and ended too quickly, at least have to spend 3 turns to win a race.
I lose points if I play a while?


How I know my ranking?  Where it appears?

:question:  I'm talking about player ranking used in scores

I have many points and do not appear in the list of scores.

After 7 days of inactivity, the system removes you from the list until you return to play.

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Heres one.

                   What/How do stacks work?

  • Stacks are  when several robots are in the same posistion on the board at the same time.
  • A exmaple of this is when everyones at the start of a game.
  • When several players are stacked, If they make the same movments items cannot be picked up and chips cannot be counted as being activated in a race.
  • In rare cases you may push people in a stack if you are stacked. (need verification and more info on this.) Also if you shoot or use a xcroos you will hit everyone in that stack.

                  More info needed.