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[VIDEO] New Robostrike Trailer

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Last seen: 2 years 29 weeks ago
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Thanks to my bro's work and my determination, we released a new trailer for Robostrike !
I can't wait sharing, so here is the link : Robostrike Trailer 

Enjoy the video, share it to the world, use it for the 20 SEPTEMBER buzz, and tell me what you think !

Pilou and x_killer_x
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Last seen: 1 year 24 weeks ago
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Pretty cool.
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Last seen: 4 years 3 weeks ago
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Yeahh!! nice video!!
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Last seen: 16 hours 45 min ago
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It's a really nice job, congratulation.
But i see few problem, if you want this movie is a "official" vidéo, u must used freeware to make it.
And your music is protect by a lot of law, you should find a "free" music ==> http://korben.info/musique-libre-de-droit.html

ut it's a really nice work !
pilou's picture
Last seen: 2 years 29 weeks ago
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I'm not sure for the music, because YouTube automatically recognize the music and show the iTunes link to the watcher. But still, I can modify the video, so if you found a free music that would stick, no problem.

Though, I did not understand your point with the "official" thing. (PM in french if you want to :) ).

east amloo's picture
Last seen: 4 days 9 hours ago
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I don't think there is any problem for the music here. Great works from you and your brother. Let's share it !
chris's picture
Last seen: 10 hours 1 min ago
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You can use the following original music if you like, it's a raw trial for RS done by a good friend of mine.
Please just mention "Thanks to Patrick for the music" in credits
You can get it here : www.robostrike.com/pub/tmp/chris_01.mp3
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Last seen: 3 years 10 weeks ago
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Im on youtube! Juhuuu ;-)

Very nice work!

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Last seen: 14 weeks 5 days ago
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am in the vidoe anywhere?