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Map Creation Contest I

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I propose a contest as will follow.

1. players will create a new map (so it cant be published one). and post a image of it here.

2. the modoraters will be judges of the maps and rate it from 1-10 in three areas and the players map score will the be the average of these numbers. these averaged numbers (from each judge) will then be adveraged again between  for a final score the areas of scoring are    a. creativity      b. functionality  c. orignality

3 map submiitons are limited to one per person (not acount players breaking this will be disqualifed) however a map may be changed as many times as you want untill the judging starts after that if you change it your disqualifed.

4 . map submitions will start on October 19 and last until November 19

5. judging will last from October 19 to December 19

6. Results will be posted decmeber 21

7. Any moderaters willing to help with judgeing please post noting that if you do so you will be unable to enter the contest. ( to avoid biasisism)

8. prizes would be as follow

 1st +100 points and your map added to the offical list of maps in the game!

 2nd +50 points

 3rd +25 points

9  Here is how you can post your images on the forum
 a. for windows users press the print screen button that is next to F12 then open paint and resize the image to ____ ( need help with a proper size number) then go to www.tinypic.com and post the image after that you will get a link select the one for posting pictures on forums  then post it here.

* note i am not sure how how to do it for mac or linux users if you know how please tell me so i can edit the message.*

GL Enigma!

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Last seen: 9 weeks 9 hours ago
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Posts: 340
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here is my map for the contest i wish you all luck


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My originality is 10 all the time, creativity and functionality ever fails at me XD