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Super Bots League - Join the Robostrike Resurrection!

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Hello all,

As you will be aware I am promoting and encouraging a Robostrike Resurrection. I want to get everyone playing this amazing game again.

I want to encourage active members to play more regular games as well as helping to try and win back some old members. I need each and every players help to make it a success and take Robostrike  back to the good old days.

To start the ball rolling and get resurrection underway I am creating a league. Whether the Moderators or Creators can help me with setting something official up or not I am unsure but I will happily keep track of scores etc myself.

What's the aim? to get players playing on a weekly but hopefully daily basis and above all create a buzz again within the community.

- The league will be played over 1 month
- Each player will play 4 x head to head games with their opponent. Both players will pick 2 maps each. If after 4 games it is 2-2 it will be considered a draw.
- Total Destruction = 3pts (when you win all 4 games against your opponent) 
   Win   = 2pts    
   Draw = 1pt   
   Loss  = 0pts   

- Email or PM me your robot name & email address

- Both players must email or PM me when they are about to play a league match. Both players must send me the result. I will also confirm the result via the stats history.

Dharokan 1 - 3 Twobotbit :-) - so I would get 2pts and Dharokan would get 0pts.
Nouille 2 -2 Elec_tof - both players would be awarded 1pt each for a draw.

Please note - we can organise games and communicate league via PM also but email makes it much easier.

I will email & PM daily & weekly updates of results. If you can take screenshots (save your screen) of your battles and send me them I will add these to the updates to make them more visual and fun.

Look forward to receiving lots of emails and PM's


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Last seen: 2 years 35 weeks ago
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I cannot copy and paste as Robostrike does not allow it. Please can a moderator allow this as I would like to translate into French and other languages for everyone to join in.

Thank you
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Last seen: 2 years 35 weeks ago
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Those of you who wish to participate and want to organise games please see below link to see time difference between you and your opponent.


Please note DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME is now in effect in UK.

As I am from the UK here is the time difference for me:

Argentina -4 hours (5pm UK = 1pm Argentina)

France | Spain | Italy | Norway | Germany | Croatia | Slovenia | Slovakia | Poland | Austria | Belgium | Netherlands 
+1 hour (1pm UK = 2pm in all countries listed)

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Like FootBall League???:question:
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Hello Twobotbit, with midou hero we played yesterday some matchs. I want to have a simple date with players who still playing.

Maybe you can join the "Robostrike Group" on Facebook first to organize some events on it ? (i think there is more people touch by facebook now than this forum).

Moreover, i am moderator so i can help you for anything. (i send you this message by PM too)

Sincerely, amloo.

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Im preety inactive is this still going or is it to late to join?
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I've been waiting almost 3 years for my opponent to show up to the match...