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Add some RPGs elements

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Robostrike is a strategical game, more of that it's an action/reflection game (don't sure that is the translation). I think it can be interested to add some RPGs elements.

First, maybe we need a story for the solo zone ? To addict more players to the game, we can make a particular story for the futur new solo maps ?

Second, we have speak about stars of players. Why don't we use some level with numbers ? (just an idea)

Finally, some tournaments can be a way to add a story on Robostrike. Why don't generate some story into the multiplayer zone too ?


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yes good idea
We could easily add a "quest like" objects in single game mode with levels and things to collect in order to get some new features that other players don't have.
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^ That sounds good  -perhaps if to design the colour of your own robot is too hard, some special feature(s) will also attract people, and show players with more skill who have completed their story-mode. this can also seperate the 'good' player from the player who only go on the one or two map.
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Last seen: 1 week 6 days ago
Posts: 1266
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About that, maybe an other idea :

"Have a wall to build with all the community. There is a picture to build, like a background. People who win somes maps or in some case, can win a piece of the wall and add it to this picture-wall. Like this, all the community can participate to build the wall and at the end, we have a great picture !" xD

Maybe, we can combine each suceed par of the futur solo zone with a piece of the wall. We have some levels more difficult to do. So we must have a number of each level different. In this way, people will must try to suceed all levels to participate.