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Incorrect Message ^_^

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Hi this is enigma here to post somthing that i noticed for a long time and asumed it would be fixed but it hasnt so im posting it here

 When you are in a match and two people die at the same time it displays the message " no winners in less then three turns" this is incorrect it should say somthing to the degree of "  game tied all players died at hte same time"

aslo when you are in a race and two people finish at the same time it once again displays the " no winner in less then 3 turns" meeage it should read somowhere along the lines of " race tied race finished on the same tun"

anyways i dont know if there is away to prgram the game into reconizing this but if you could fix it it would be appreciated.

Cheers Enigma
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Right, this message always appeared and is incorrect.

And...could you use some "," or "." in your topics? It's quite hard to read it and more if one isn't English. Thanks