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Main Bug Thread

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HI This is enigma I just thought i would create a main bug thread people could use to post all of there problems on so that way the forum doest get clogged up. ( lol im guilty more then anyone else of over posting.)

some rules.

1 dont post a bug if its already been posted here.

2. dont post off topic stuff here. ( threads seem to have a habit of getting side tracked.)

3. no insults dont want to start a flame war that cuases the thread to be locked.

4. dont post false bugs.

5. once a bug is fixed post in the some comment that the bug(s) have been fixed.

6 Dispay the starting date of when oyu noticed this bug was occuring

Anyways Cheers


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Last seen: 31 weeks 4 days ago
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Posts: 340
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ok here are some starter bugs to get the thread going.

these bugs are happening as of  8/25/12 ( though some have been happening ealrier.

1. somtimes when oyu use a sheild when you  are inputing your turn even when the actions are over the sheild will still be displayed even on the next turn. (though  the "sheid" doesnt actuy ptrotect you its ike its non existant.)

2. somtimes when somone dies the persons life gauge will read 0/3 lives ( dont know if this one actuy does anything never had it happen to me feedback is wecome.)

3.  this one i have only seen once  happen  a  person was next to a pusher ring  the person on the outside moved foward one and somhow mega bugged inside of he ring ( It acted like the pusher was one sqare to the lett)

4 I never seen this one but somone in rs told me this one ( i forget who) anyways somehow there  were bunch of people pushing back and forth on a single gear and somhow when the person went on it at the end of the trun they fell though it like there was a hole there

5 Sometimes RS will bug and display your robot in the wrong posistion causing you to miss input and sucide

cheers enigma

edit 2 New bug found as of september 21 2012

swo i was playing the brand new solo misions a weird bug occured i spwaned in the upperleft corner jkinda of in a wall had one of any item and any move i did resulted in a 1 move solution so now a couples of my mziions scores are messded up i dont knmow what caused this but it only seems to happens when there was a a object at the a1 sqaure also if you couldreset my solo msiion socrtes for that level ide be greatful

i am using ie 7 and windows xp btw.

can anyone confirm this?

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Enigma, date you posted still not arrived :unibrow: i think must be 7/25/12 if this format is MM/DD/YY.

i can confirn bugs 1, 2 and 3

i want to add after a pushers bug, invisible walls and holes appear (still i think a lot of people know it)
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Last seen: 31 weeks 4 days ago
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bug! on my nintendo 3ds when I post somthing despite me using the enter key when you click save text becomes all one line. i think it uses linux 32 bit and opera In fact this text is a example of the bug ^—^