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Major editor bugs

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Hi This is Enigma here to report some weird stuff thats happening when i use the editor.

bug 1?. ok im not sure why this happened but i edited a level i had saved before and it said do you want to overwrite this map i clicked yes then it said the board already existed so it didnt save.\

bug 2?. also whyile in the editor  after i got the starnge message i tired to test the map the map then buges diaplying weirdly ranomly placed stuff  and all inputs are instanst but nothing hapens on the bugged screen,
 it still was diaplying the bug even after i went to the lobby and loaded it agin.

 bug 3? So then i tried to save teh map as another name oddly enough hte unthinkable happened the map said it saved so then i went to the lobby tired to load it and not onlly was that map gone but the original map also.

AnyWays may want to fix this

Cheers, Enigma
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"the map then buges diaplying weirdly ranomly placed stuff"

You mean exactly like the letters in your posts? :D


Back to topic: Thanx for the bug reports. We will try to reproduce them.