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Map Editor addidtions

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Hi this is amgine i was just thinking of some ways we could improve robostrike so here are some ideas i had to be added to the list.

In the editor add....

1. a undo button ( kind of self explanitory if you make a mistake you can undo it.)
2. a redo button ( to undo a accidental undo)
3. copy button ( for copying and pasting sections of level example wheels )
4. paste button ( for placing items)
5. selector tool ( for copying and pasting map sections also so you can select individiual items and delete them and not have to delete whole sections of peicess then put them back. also for selecting groups of items)
6. Inward pointing T joint conveyer.  ( more for arttistical purposes)

( not finished yet....)

Anyways Cheers, Enigma
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Last seen: 5 years 48 weeks ago
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yes, this is good idea here
please consder this Chris
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Sure it could be usefull to improve the editor but it's too much work and I have other priorities for RS for a while, sorry.

Please stop flooding the forum with too many new ideas. Even if they are good you must mind the time it would take to develop regarding to the real benefit.

I have many ideas too and the problem is not to find new ones but to find the time to develop for RS.