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Map stealing

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There is a recent problem that has come to my atention that i think needs some help solving. recently more and more frequwntly my maps ae being stolen that is they copy the map and publish it as there own before i do. a example of this would be gold chain which youwilde stole from me. i belive that robostrike should be a game of integrity and to not copy poples maps without consent from the creator.

any ideas that would help solve this problem are welcome as robostrike should be a fun game for all player and i want to help improve robostrikes fame.:thumbsup:
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Here the best solution : peace and love :cool::thumbsup:

I don't think that he would stole your map. Just play it. So. Maybe it's more interesting to see it like that : your map is so good that he would copy it. And now, all we know this map from you because he copy yours. That's great no ?

In any case, it's just a map.
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However annoying that is, I must agree with amloo :D
Consider the maps open source and the copiers fans of your work.

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There is no solution.
Look, can you prove that this map is your map ?
Maybe u stol it too :D