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New Gameplay modes

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Ok I had a idea last night for a new modes they are.

1.a tile caputure based game set. The game is set so after so many turns whoever captured the most sqares wins, or the game ends after so many tiles are captured by one person. Simply capture a square by moving over it. [whoever moves over it last will get it dying wither resuts in the neutelzation of there tiles or whoever kiled them gets the tiles.

2..kill rounds : Instead of having a set number of lives, whoever gets the most kills after a set amount of moves or time wins.

3.team matches : Pair up into teams. Winning team get points. Freindly fire can be turned on and off.

4. steal the bacon: so there is one flag and a person grabs it by moving over it it can be stolen by moving over them or killing them [unlimited lives] if a person has held the flag for so many turns [or time] they win. or maybe they have to get it in certin zones to win.

{edit sorry for the bad run on i edited it please respond what you think }
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Tile capture? Could be great!
But to that you need to count one-by-one how squares are in the map.
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Yeah, something like your tile capture sound great.
According to me, it could be a flag race, 2 teams have to take the ennemie's flag and put it in their base.
When you kill a robot with a flag, the flag drop on his death square and stay here during 3 rounds.
The winner's team is the one which have retrive 3flags, or which have exterminate the ennemie's team
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Last seen: 37 weeks 2 days ago
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CTF! I don't have time to write.