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[PROJECT] Home Page, Introduction Video

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Hello everybody !

1 - We've been to realize the homepage needs to be updated, because of the "too many content" it shows up.
Chris and I are waiting for some ideas to simplify the Home Page content display, without deleting it.
You can find here what I suggested to him (very ugly, but you can see the idea). 

2 - Moreover, we are thinking of an introduction video with Amloo, which would be displayed to the new players, to simplify the subscription and help them discover the game easily.

3 - I'm looking for an ad maker, which would make a very simple Robostrike ad on A4 or A5 format which would be printed by players, part of the "20 SEPTEMBER". Thanks.

If you have any ideas about those points, please answer here. Don't be shy to post your layout ! ANY suggestion is appreciated.


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actully i think the homepage is fine the way it is but thats just me maybe.
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whats about the facebook site?


Can we insert some more informations for the 20. September?

- Informations
- Photos (Screenshots)
- Trailervideo
- About