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Team chips

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(I posted this shortly after the entry points one, but because I had a semi-unreated idea)
What if there were team chips?
I mean, chips where only a team can spawn or "capture".
(mixing with the entry points dilemma, entry points for a team)
There would be three styles of chips for a team game, (thinking it is the usual team game from any game) the blue one, the red one, and a violet one.

The red team would start at the very first red chip, and the blue one at the very first blue chip.
If you were to make a race, you could add an enemy chip behing the friendly one to make some sort of "capture" game.
And adding violet ones (or just the non-team ones) to capture regardless of teams.
You would always spawn from the first chip if teams are on, regardless if you even captured it or not, and everybody would spawn from there.
If one captured any chip, everyone on that team gets that chip.


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Well ... ;)
I would like a new team game mode and this way of doing would be OK to me.
Butr for the moment there is not enough players here for me to be motivated in more devs ... I have to fix this before of course
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but consider this if the game is not improved with say more game mides and features people wont to play it.

I think this is a good idea.